Zwift in 1440p

I recently upgrade my PC to a faster CPU and a Nvidia GTX 1050 TI card but didn’t upgrade my 1080p HD monitor.  This means I can run Ultra level graphics at 1080p which looks good -  but I am curious how much better 2k/1440p would look.

Has anyone upgraded to a 1440p gaming monitor ?  Did you notice a difference in image quality ?



It will indeed look rather better. But can I make an alternative suggestion? Zwift now works with Ultrawide monitors meaning you can have a ‘cinemascope’ type appearance when riding. 

I got one of these and the difference coming from a 22" 16:9 monitor is really astounding. 

They are about the same price as you’d pay for 1440p

Hi, I have now connected a 4k monitor with a GeForce 750 but there is no option to select 4k from zwift settings?

Hi Mark,

i have tried it on an ultra wide monitor as I have a race car simulator at work - see video link below - but my pain cave setup has the monitor hanging from the ceiling and about 50cm from my face so pixel density is more important.  The wide monitors are still 1080 high. 

Gary - Zwift will only show you the 4K profile if you card supports it.  Check with Zwiftalyzer to see what spec you card supports 



I run Zwift on an Apple TV 4K with a 47” 4K TV in front of me and the quality is outstanding. 


While that’s good that’s not 4K and the OP specifically asked for 4K.

My Apple TV is 4k as is the TV.  I just signed it in on my 5k Ultra Mac and side beside I cant see any difference in quality.  There is a limit for the amount of detail they are going to put into a game I guess?

As you can see my eyes are really close to the monitor so I’m not looking for really wide, just better detail 

Move further from the monitor…


Your AppleTV may say 4K on the box but that doesn’t mean it’s running Zwift in 4K I’m afraid.

I am aware of that. I am not as green as I am grass looking…

What I said is there is no difference between my 5k Ultra HD Mac and the Apple 4K TV image.