2022 UCI Continental Qualifiers FAQs

The Continental Qualifiers to the UCI Cycling Esports World Championships will be taking place on Zwift on the 12th and 13th of November 2022.

A whole host of information and common FAQs are available here. [Qualify for the 2023 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships on Zwift!  | Zwift]

This provides an opportunity for any riders intending to take part in the Continental Qualifiers to raise any additional questions or clarifications that are not already answered in the link above.

Please post any questions below and a member of our race organisation team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I have a question regarding the verification. For last year’s Premiere Division a video / stream of the ZADA Power Test as well as weight and height videos had to be submitted.
Are they required for the pre-verification? It is such an inconvenient procedure… in particular the ZADA power test stream…

I am aware that weight and height videos will be required for the Continental Qualifiers event itself.

Thanks and best regards, Josephine

If riders have submitted a ZADA test within 6 months of the qualifiers but wish to compete in the qualifiers on a different, qualified trainer, is there a truncated protocol or will riders need to complete a entirely net new ZADA test on the new device?

Thanks for the invite! I’m currently participating in the Zwift Grand Prix and, as such, had to submit a full ZADA pre-verification prior to the first race (submitted on 19 September 2022). The email says I don’t have to resubmit if pre-verification was done within the past six months. Just making sure that that’s the case, since a lot of the other language in the instructions for the continental qualifiers makes me think I need to resubmit the whole thing to ZADA again.


Regarding the ZADA tests, if you have completed and had accepted by ZADA your tests within 6 months of the Continental Qualifiers you will not need to do the test again as long as you race on the same trainer you completed the test on.

If you change trainers you will need to complete the full Pre-Verification protocol again.


Thanks! Pre-verification was accepted. No change to qualified equipment. So, as long as I submitted my intention to race, which I did, all I need to do now is await race instructions in a future email, correct?

@Jonny_Noblett_ZHQ do the personal best power efforts need to be on the same device as the zada test and that will be used in the qualifiers? Or can these efforts be from a different device with a supplemental dual/secondary power measurement?

Good evening.

I have received the email of the confirmation of my interest,
and also submitted the ZADA Pre-verification.

Also, I have participated the CONTINENTALS ELITE PATHWAY RACE - STAGE 1 & 2 and submitted the dual record in the analysis already.

What I need to do is participated for the STAGE 3
and wait for the confirmation email for the continental qualifiers after that?

Is there anything I miss?

Thanks a lot

I was wondering if it is possible to ride the qualifiers from the USA as an European?

I would expect that your continent is determined by your nationality (as indicated on your UCI licence, and depending on which continental confederation that country belongs to), your physical location is irrelevant.

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We don’t have to redo ZADA but we have to redo the ZADA form but just fill in your name, email and Zwift ID (as long as you are using the same trainer and secondary source you did the other test on)

Everyone finds it a faff but otherwise you could be getting someone else to do your ZADA test for you, so this is an essential part of the protocol.

I understand this part, thanks. But i was wondering this because the time of the USA will be better for me instead of the European time,
because of my working shift.

Last year you had to race in the event for your continent based on the country you want to represent, so you need to do the European race (or hope your country select based on other races too)

@James_Zwift can you clarify if riders need to do the ZADA test set on 100% trainer difficulty please. The rules were changed for all riders competing in ZGP but the esports rule book was not updated (despite multiple requests from managers). I fear that this will have been completely missed by anyone not on a ZGP team

Hi Alice,

TD needs to be at 100%

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Someone best update the rule book then, because it still says minimum 50%.

Hi there, just wondering if there is any way a nada test can be submitted after the 28th deadline but before the qualifiers? around the 8th November? Am away under the time. Really would love to compete! Thankyou!!!

Can we get a clear answer on whether or not riders who have completed this exact same form as pre verification for Zwift Grand Prix just over a month ago need to redo the entire form? I understand that we dont need to redo the ZADA Power Test (will be riding on the same equipment) but do we need to fill out the form again with files, videos etc.?

ZGP Managers were told at the meeting last week that riders just need to fill in personal details again. They said no need to add the data again. Not really sure why we have to do it again at all

@James_Zwift i have two questions

  1. Will riders be told before the deadline if their ZADA form is okay? (Ie chance to rectify anything if not)

  2. When will we find out route for race 1?