2020 Rapha Festive 500 FAQ

What is the Rapha Festive 500?
An annual event hosted by Rapha that challenges riders to ride 500km between December 24 and December 31.

Why is 2020 not like other years?
Traditionally riders have had to complete the full 500km challenge outdoors. This year is the first time that Rapha will allow virtual miles to count.

Why should I do this crazy thing?
The Festive 500 is no small feat. Many riders start the challenge each year and don’t finish. Completing this event at a time of year when many regions are facing inclement weather is an accomplishment, to say this least. This year Zwift hopes to help get more riders over the line.

How do I sign up?
Sign up for the Challenge on Strava and make sure to log any kilometers you do throughout the challenge to your Strava account.

If you haven’t already connected your Zwift and Strava accounts, here’s a handy how-to guide

When is registration?
You can sign up for the Strava Challenge once it goes live on the Strava website in early December.

How do I track my progress?
Track your progress in the Rapha Festive 500 challenge on Strava.

Do I have to join one of the Rapha Festive 500 events on Zwift for it to count?
As long as you’re tracking your rides on Strava, any kilometers logged—both indoors and outdoors—count towards the challenge.
If you fancy some company, Zwift makes it possible to always have someone to roll with during this 8-day challenge with our series of Festive 500 events.

How do I find the Rapha Festive 500 events on Zwift?
Join one of our Festive 500 rides here: https://zwift.com/events/tag/f500

How do I keep the Rapha Festive 500 in-game kit?
When you complete the Festive 500 Challenge on Strava, you will receive an email with a link to unlock the virtual Festive 500 kit in Zwift - regardless of whether those kilmoeters were ridden indoors or out.
Click that link, sign in, and the kit will be waiting for you the next time you take to the virtual tarmac.
**UPDATE: before you click the link - make sure you’ve logged out of Zwift and Strava on your preferred web browser. The sign-in using that link is what triggers the unlock.

What are the Spirit of Festive 500 awards?
Ever since the inception of the #Festive500 ten years ago, riders around the world have been commemorating their experiences in all manners of ways.

From photo albums to poems, hand-drawn maps to freshly baked pastries. And each year the most inventive submissions are selected and rewarded with cycling prizes to keep them riding until the next year.

What is the Zwift Community Players Award?
2020 has been unlike any year we’ve experienced, but Zwift makes it possible for you to always have someone to roll with during this 8-day challenge. Which is why we’ve introduced the Zwift Community Players Award.
In celebration of this epic event, you’re invited to share content (videos, images, postcards, stories, etc.) showing us how you’re making this a group effort—indoors or outdoors. With sensitivity to social distancing, demonstrate how you’re safely bringing people together as you ride 500km between December 24-31.

How do I enter the Spirit of Festive 500 awards?
Submit your content to Rapha at https://www.rapha.cc/gb/en/stories/spirit-of-the-f500

How will the winner of the Zwift Community Spirit Award be chosen?
Judging the finalists will be American pro cyclist Justin Williams. His L39ION of Los Angeles elite cycling team works hard to encourage inclusion and knows a thing or two about teaming up with others to accomplish big goals!
Rapha will announce the winner of the award, along with the other categories in the Spirit of the Festive 500 Awards in January.

What is the prize for the Spirit of Festive 500 awards?
Our favourite submission will win a Legion of LA cycling kit.

Thanks for this FAQ, answered all my questions. I was looking about kit unlock info and it was clearly outlined !

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Glad to help!

Post was Kinda-not-helpful. After finishing the Challenge, I got the Mail from Rapha to win a Grail CF SLX as well as the link to my Strava-Stats. As being stated in the initial post, I was signed out of Strava, but got no Kit. Tried multiple browsers ( Chrome/Edge/Safari and Firefox ) but never got the Kit on esch consecutive Zwift login :frowning:


Same for me. No Kit. Please fix this :frowning:

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I completed yesterday the challenge, got an email from Strava but no email about Zwift kit :frowning:

Thx for solving the issue.

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Same here. Challenge completed, got the usual completed challenge email from strava, no unlock link. Typical Zwift :roll_eyes:

Do rides on Dec. 31 still count towards the Festive 500 challenge? It’s Tuesday and Strava is telling me there’s 2 days left to complete the challenge. Tues, Wed, Thurs is 3 days…

2 days after today. Rides done on 31st will count on Strava.

Same I finished today but only Strava sent an email and it is more on the Canyon Bike Raffle. No Zwift unlock for the Jersey. What is the point finishing it early if you cannot send the unlock link EXACTLY after completing the ride?

Many thanks! Best!

Did the EF + Rapha Festive 500 with Alberto Bettiol. Advertised as C class social event ~2.5 w/kg. Everyone had to do ~3.5 w/kg just to try to keep up. When people pointed this out the flyers started bashing evreyone, telling people to join events where they can keep up. Very mature.

Disappointed with the leadership :-1:

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Was the pro one of the flyers? He is only level 8 on Zwift, so not very experienced and probably has no idea that he was supposed to stay around 2.5 w/kg. EF should have prepped him better on how to lead events on Zwift.

@Mike_Rowe1 I’m not sure if they were.
AB was riding at 3.5 - 4.5 w/kg for most of the time.

It is strange, I looked at his activity on the companion app and there is no power reported, only cadence?

I messaged him during the event and asked if this was his idea of a C class social event. He didn’t even bother to reply. Was more interested in answering questions about what’s his favourite food, if he does joga or whatever.


Possible to get an update on people not receiving the Virtual Kit?

To be clear - Strava is the one sending emails when you’ve completed the entire challenge, not Zwift.

Are you saying @Xavier_Neys_ICE_VTX that the Strava email did not have a link for your unlock? If that’s the case - you need to contact Strava.

I did get the usual “challenge completed” from strava, the get reward button links to

where it says deep down on the page:



Since virtual rides count towards your 500km total for the first time this year, we’re celebrating by releasing a special Festive 500 digital jersey featuring a design inspired by the actual kit. All participants who complete the entire challenge on Zwift will get the jersey added to their garage, ready to wear over the coming year.

Find out more


The text looks quite obvious, kit gets added, period.
Tried to log in to Zwift from the 'find more" page, no luck.
Not going to run in circle trying to fix an issue that obviously affects others as well.
Zwift needs to fix this, period.

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