Rapha Festive 500 2021 FAQ

Hey everyone,

This is the discussion thread for the 2021 Rapha Festive 500. The complete FAQ for is available on our Support Hub, in multiple languages.

If you have questions after you’ve read through the FAQ, please ask here!

I have a Question: Why is there no special Jersey for those that complete the full 500km on Zwift. Doing only one ride is not really the idea behind Rapha Festive 500.


How about a special jersey for the traditional but unofficial Festive 1000 which has always occurred for as long as I can remember?

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I might do a Festive 50


Depends on how long that one ride is, doesn’t it. Zwift Power -Login (ha, ZP seems to bail out at 300 km, though probably so will I).


The Festive 500 is Rapha’s initiative with Strava + Zwift along for the ride. Many people do some or all of the 500 km outdoors. Zwift is here to support our partners as well as Zwifters who’d prefer to do some of that distance indoors. We’re here to encourage anyone aiming to complete this tough challenge without overstepping our role in the bigger picture.


Thanks for the update. That makes sense.

Can we request to have Bowie Brevit on a flat road as well, O think watopia waist band would be nice.

It’s a bit weird that the kit is simply given for joining a 1 hour group ride, compared to last year where you had to finish the (Strava) challenge? Seems a bit… cheap.


I have to agree with you, getting the kit for doing just a single 1 hour ride is too easy.

You should either do all of the rides to make a full 500km as a combination of indoors or preferably outdoors where you cannot just sit in a group of 150 riders following a pace-bot at 2.5w/kg.

If you have done the full 500km then you should get the kit, or indeed if you have done the unofficial 1000km then a special kit should be unlocked.

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Last year we had to complete 500Km according to our Strava log, which then gave us an email to unlock the 500Km Rapha jersey in Zwift.


It did not work and they ended up giving the kit to anyone who completed a rapha event. At least this year, they do not make promises they cannot deliver.

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Still, if you’ve done 500 or 1000km in the time required you should get the kit. More so than someone who just did a single short ride.

You are getting the unlock without having done the distance to earn it.

Why are there so few rapha events? Maybe I missed the rush, but for me there is a 10pm (local) ride Wednesday, then a 3am ride Thursday. Not seeing any others.

But the unlock is explicitly for doing one of the Zwift rides, not for completing 500km. So no big deal.

You’ll still get the exclusive cloth patch for completing the actual 500km. (They still do those, right?)

Nope, at least I didn’t get one last year.

Ah, bummer. I guess it got too big. They were pretty cool. I saw a photo from someone who had every one from 2011 a couple of years ago.

Holding off on using this years rf500 kit till the distance is done after the group ride. So that way it still as a reward for completing the distance.

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They was my thought too. To get the kit I’m doing a 2pm ride after a 120km outdoor ride.

Only 2 days of 142km left to get 1000km.

Sooo…I see there are no more Rapha Events in the calendar - that means no option of getting the F500 kit this year? Odd…I mean there are full two more days to finish the challenge and it’s impossible to get the kit anymore. Couldn’t ride for first couple of days (due to family „duties” and travel during xmas), then did the whole 500k in one go, two days of recovery. And now I see there is no way to get the kit :frowning::thinking: guess there are a lot of ppl in similar situation :man_shrugging:


I’m in exactly the same position, it looks like I missed the last event by 30 mins thinking there would be another I could join. Extremely frustrating to say the least having had no access to Zwift for 3 days I just assumed (perhaps stupidly) that there would be events running until the end of the Festive 500 period. I know it’s just pixels, I know I’ll probably never wear the kit, but it still bothers me that someone might have it that didn’t finish the Festive 500 and I won’t have it despite knowing I will finish tomorrow regardless. Why they put the unlock behind an event rather than after completing the Strava challenge like last year I will never know. Hopefully this is just a bug and Zwift will add some more events to the calendar before it’s too late or give those who missed out an opportunity to unlock the kit by proving they actually did the Festive 500.