Festive 500 group ride multiple laps

I just noticed that there are Festive 500 group rides. The ones for Dec. 26 are only 18 miles, which isn’t near enough miles to keep up the needed daily average. Can you do multiple laps of a group ride route or, when finished, do you have to ride the rest of the miles elsewhere on Zwift?

Those group rides are just to unlock the jersey. You do one group ride and the jersey is unlocked, challenge completed.

To do it properly you’ll need to do rides elsewhere.

Just do 50km morning, 50km afternoon every day for 5 days and you are done.

With my injuries I am just about managing. I got the jersey yesterday. If I don’t finish the full 500 properly I’ll contact Zwift and get them to remove the jersey from my garage.


When the group ride is over you can. Just continue riding the same route, if you want. You could also then start making manual turns at the intersections, if you choose. You could also save/quit the ride and do another ride elsewhere.

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