19th July - Tour de France Stage 12 - Alpe D'Huez Summit Finish

Having read up on the TdF ruote this year i noticed that the Stage 12 on July 12th is a summit finish atop Alpe D’Huez.

It also happens to be a Watopia day.

Are you thinking what i am thinking?

C’mon Zwift, time to schedule some events that will celebrate the worlds greatest cycle race, the worlds greatest indoor training platform and what some regard as the worlds greatest natural sports theatre.

I’ll leave it with the Zwift folks to think of something suitable for such an epic day.

If you’re looking for a good Alpe du Zwift climb during Stage 12 of the TdF, you might check out the SIS Tour de Oz - Stage 6! We’ll be crushing the Road to Sky course, with several convenient start times throughout the day!

Here’s a link to the Events page for Stage 6!

You don’t have to ride the whole Tour to participate, but there are some pretty sweet perks if you finish all 7 stages. 

Look forward to win that one. Opps got to remember these are “rides” and not races. :wink:

And more than a few using zpower will get up it quicker than Froome lol.

Remember, the only one you are trying to beat in the end is yourself. So try to beat your PR and have fun.