130 kg rider - need smart trainer that won't break

My gen 1 Kurt Kinetic rock and roller with upgraded control power unit has failed with metal fatigue again and yes, my weight is the problem. I’m losing weight but it is hard when my smart trainer needs to be sent off for weeks awaiting welding.

do you have my problem - 130 kg rider + 10 kg bike + shoes - and have found a solution? I would appreciate knowing what zwift compatible smart trainers are available for heavy riders.

And yes, this is a serious query.

As a fellow Clydesdale rider (128kg), I can empathize with you when it comes to bicycle industry parts failing prematurely. Fortunately, there are at least three direct drive trainers that will hold up to the weight and power of bigger cyclists.

I have personally ridden 5,000+ miles in the past 14 months on a Tacx Flux S without any issues. I have a friend @110kg that has 2,000+ miles over the past 8 months on this same trainer, also trouble free.

I also ride on a Saris Hammer H3 at work, as do a couple of co-workers. One of my co-workers is 118kg and the H3 is working great with 3,000+ miles in the past year.

The third trainer that I’m confident will hold up to heavier/stronger riders, is the Tacx Neo. This has been ridden 8,000+ miles by a very powerful 108kg racer (4w/kg) without a single problem.

All of these trainers have held up to thousands of out of saddle sprints between 800-1,500W, hundreds of 2-4hr workouts, along with multitudes of hour long threshold grinds up the Alpe, Epic KOM and Innsbruck climbs.

I definitely recommend you make sure the frame dropouts are fully seated on the trainer axle and the skewer is properly tightened. It is also worth checking this connection weekly, along with cleaning and lubing the chain.

Hopefully this info helps you in your quest to get for, lose weight and stay healthy.

Have fun and ride on!

thank you for the response. I’ve just discovered that Australia has had a rush on trainers due to the lockdown here. I would like to get a Tacx Neo 2T but the frame looks like I might break it and this is a concern. The Tacx Flux 2 looks ok, but can’t find one for sale here.

All I can find is one store with an Elite DRIVO II Interactive Smart Trainer. It look solid but it would be great to hear if anyone heavy is using it.

Well thankfully I have my outdoor road bike to use whilst I find a solution here in Australia - it could be two months until we get new stock I was told.

Hi Mark I think I’m right in saying that the Tacx Neo is made from the same material that Riot Shields are made from, so you would think it would be extremely tough. You could check if Tacx suggest a maximum weight, I’ve not seen one, and I’ve never seen a article on a Neo body breaking. It has a 2 year guarantee so you should be ok.
I wouldn’t wait too long, as supplies may be limited on all makes of trainers.
Happy hunting.

PS your next trainer may not be your last unless you buy top of the range. I switched to the Neo as my upgrade from my first set up, and I love it. Very smooth and no calibration.

thx @_Troy, I’m stuck because we’re out of stock - a whole nation cleaned out - too many mamils!!

I’m off to purchase the last trainer available - the Elite DRIVO II Interactive Smart Trainer

thankfully it appears to be ok from the reviews.

Excuse me, Have you got any problem with Drivo II? My weith is 136 Kg (nude)

hi, I started out 128 kg. now 120kg. Drivo II was ok if you regularly - once per week - calibrate using myetraining app from Elite - to do the calibration is free. Also if you use Zwift, calibrate after myetraining calibration. I find Drivo II ok.

Also, I find it is good to stop pedaling for a few seconds when possible when riding. It appears to help zwift catch up and draft kicks in.

Hey Mark! Have you considered a dedicated smart bike? Wahoo, stages or wattbike? I think its the stages bike that was reviewed by GP LAMA as being very robust gym quality but I’m sure they all are. Might be worth a look and be the thing that lasts years. Then your not dealing with fragile dropouts etc. Good luck!

thx for the idea. Possibly for the next iteration. As an Australian the cost of imported products becomes a big factor - due to the low Aussie dollar. I had a look at a few of the options. I started with a kurt kinetic rock and roller - the first model and added a control power unit later on so I could zwift. When the rock and roller broke due to the design of the first model (this has been fixed it appears in the second model) the timing was bad and the pandemic was causing a trainer purchasing rush. I was lucky to get the Elite Drivo II. I was worried my weight would break the unit, but this is slowly dropping, so the concern is reduced.