12 weeks plan

(Marco Minotti) #1

Hi, I’m an intermediate cyclist coming from an incident.

I found very interesting the 12 week winter plan advanced, but actually for me is too expensive in terms of time. I can spend only 3 days per week on bike, one of these will be on the road, so I’m looking from a winter program for the rest 2 indoor days.

Any suggestion?




(Paul Corey) #2

Yes my suggestion is to use Trainer Road to for there training plans. I love Zwift but doing a structure workout in Zwift does not work for me. When there is a hill or the sprints and the workout wants me to rest I do not like that. I like Zwift for the group rides and races and longer endurance and tempo rides. I use Trainer Road on Tuesday and Thursday for my Vo2max and under and overs threshold/sweet spot workouts. You can use both at the same time with 2 ant+ sticks. Trainer Road has Base plans 12 weeks then Build plans 8 weeks and specialty plans 8 weeks to help you peak for your event. It is like having a coach.