12 week FTP builder (advanced) week 1 and 2

(Stuart Donald) #1

The intensity of the first couple of sessions seems very low compared with other programs - the day 1 session has easy (well below FTP) but relatively short efforts,  the day 2 session has only very short (10 second efforts) with long recovery intervals. I’m sure that these have been well designed so I would like to understand the thinking behind them. 

(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #2

me too

(Sloan Davis) #3

Does your trainer adjust to the resistance in the workout? I have a wahoo kickr and the “erg” automatic resistance function is not taking hold so I end up just spinning.


(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #4

no. I’ve got an old tacx flow but have a power meter. 

(jeremy [jeza]Martin) #5

I’ve since bought a tacx neo and the erg mode seems to work fine. Maybe a firmware update?