ZwiftRacing Site - Numbers

Within my Profile on the ZwiftRacing beta site, there are numbers listed next to most of the events I’ve completed. Most of the numbers are a green number 1, and there is also a red number 3. What do these numbers signify?

I believe it’s how hilly or flat the course is. 1 is flat.


Hills makes sense. Chasing Amstel is ranked a 3, and I did find that rather hilly. Innsbruckring Flat is ranked a 1, although I would contend the hill that you do 5 times should count for something.

Thank you!

These route designations were done by me and are up for debate. I’ve already seen one route (Downtown Titans) that, after having some a race on it yesterday, feels more like a 2 (Rolling) than a 3 (Hilly).