ZwiftPower Profile Question

Hi - I read through the ZwiftPower Profile FAQ but didn’t see this particular question addressed.

Regarding the 15 sec, 1 min, 5 min and 20 min wkg and watts levels shown on the profile… When you hover over these, you see a percentage. Also, depending on the values, the levels may also have a color. I haven’t seen these explained elsewhere so if it is, please let me know. I’m assuming the percentages represent where you fall in the population of ZwiftPower users and if you exceed certain percentage thresholds (seems like 20% minimum) you see this indicated by the color (blue, orange, etc.) instead of the default grey. The higher the percentage above the threshold determines the color. Is this a correct interpretation?

I think it just highlights your 3 highest percentile values

This makes sense looking at a few profiles including the top points leader. I am guessing then the percentage is where you are in the ZwiftPower population so 22% for instance would mean your values are greater than 22% of the population. Higher percentage obviously being better… I have a ways to go :grinning: