Zwiftpower next to get trashed?

Strava is bad, so very bad. Leaderboards nowdays are so bad nobody takes them seriously, last year there was 1 or 2 cheaters in the top 10 and they got trashtalked really bad in the comments (not because I know if this helps in any way, a troll will just get encouraged by such behaviours) nowdays the crybabies have gone wild and can’t cope with seeing other trolls getting all the attention so they just do the same, which is cheating. Strava do nothing because “hey everybody is a user and users gives money”. Caaaashing, let the leaderboards stand no matter what happens.

Zwift is bad in some regards, but not totally bad. Let’s say it like this, I who take this racingthing pretty serious because I t hink you should take things seriously atleast when it comes to actions, not so much when it comes to words. And Zwift is all about action… and not so much about words?

NOW… ZWIFT have bought Zwiftpower and this is a big nononono a please ■■■ no, because Zwift is Zwift and Zwiftpower was a highly competent site with people who knew their things. I have no idea how this new thing is thought to work, it could be that things will run smoothly with Zwift being in control. I don’t think so for one bit, if you want to complain about a user nowdays you are supposed to complain to Zwift instead of reporting the cheaters to Zwiftpower and well that kinda destroys the whole idea behind Zwiftpower, which was to be an independent site which wanted to filter out the cheaters.

Nowdays you get to see the most crappy things in races and worst thing is that their accounts are NOT closed down, their results are not even being DQ in most cases. Is Zwiftpower going down now and will we forever have to take this? Depending on some little independent source which isn’t only thinking about revenue, well atleast not before they get offered a lot of caash. I would do the same if I was offered the money but I am also a advocate of never depending to much on individual actors on the market.