ZwiftPower APIs

With the news that Zwift has taken over ZwiftPower, what can we expect going forward, particularly around APIs, as there is a lot of tooling built around the ZwiftPower APIs.

This news is extremely concerning, and we are going to need extremely clear and open communication of every step Zwift intends to take with ZwiftPower, as well as being open and receptive to changes we as the community want to see out of ZwiftPower in the future. Anything that drops current functionality is going to incite a lot of anger within the community.


@Wes, who do we contact for ZwiftPower support? Almost all segments are missing for the France & Paris maps in ZP. Aqueduc KOM and Petit KOM are the only two showing. All sprints are missing, I believe Aquedoc KOM has a reverse, and then obviously Mont Ventoux, and nothing for Paris. Some of these are needed for some of the events I have scheduled this month.

Crikets… crickets… crickets…

Long live community supported features, until they are killed by ZHQ…