Zwifting while traveling abroad - Aix en Provence

Can someone help me find a way to Zwift on Monday June 13th and Tuesday June 14th from 3pm-5pm we in Aix en Provence France?

I have not missed a Canyon Ranch/Mari Holden weekly ride for more than a year and would like to keep my string alive.

I also host a weekly ride; the Nosco Memorial Social Ride on Tuesdays 6:30am PST and if possible I would like to do this as well while in France.

Take your bike with power meter, put zwift on phone, link power meter and cycle around.

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To avoid having to try to ride on Zwift while actually out on a road in real life in a presumably unfamiliar country (!), it might be worth the extra cost of ordering a cheap dumb trainer and having it delivered to where he’ll be staying. (Without a fan it would be workable, but it’s going to get hot fast.)

But @Jack_Nosco, tell us more of the practical situation. Are you arriving empty handed (as it were), or will you have some cycling equipment with you? Will you be staying in a hotel?

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See if there’s a Wahoo dealer (or whatever trainer brand) in the area - maybe they’ll let you ride their demo setup?

Or a modern/high-end gym might have a quality spin bike you could use. The rec center in my neighborhood has Stages SB20s.

You can probably bring a small dumb trainer or portable rollers to use, and your bike. It would be helpful if you could specify what you are bringing, and what you don’t have/aren’t bringing.

Great idea. Keep them coming!

I’ll have my road bike. I have a wahoo speed and cadence sensor. That’s it