Zwifters not appearing in events and no messages

since last friday lve done events and only a handfull of the hundreds appear…also message function doesnt work.
Any ideas?

Since last Friday only a handfull of other participants are showing up in events lm doing and messge function isnt working.
I connected to Zwiftpower last week also and wonder if this has anything to it)
Picture is an example from Kracken event this morn where only a few people showing up on my screen.

Information about your setup? Are you running the latest version of Zwift (and Zwift Companion)?

Running zwift on Apple TV and its updated ok…Zwift companion app is all good on Android.

Are you sure it is updated?

Assuming auto-update is enabled, updates do not happen immediately. Manually check if there is a Zwift update. The same goes for your Companion app.

Last week there was an Apple TV OS update. Manually check that your Apple TV OS is updated as well. Again, auto-update if enabled is not immediate.

Finally, force quit both the Zwift app and Companion app after each ride/session.

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Everything said it was updated and version numbers matched…deleted everything off and reinstalled and seems good today :grin::+1: