Messaging bug on Appletv

Messaging has been working intermittently on Apple 4k TV. Been going on for a couple weeks. Will work for a couple/three sessions in a row then be down next time, next couple of times. Any way I can solve that? Thanks.

Hey Colin, in what way is it down? Are you unable to send messages? Are people not receiving them?

I can’t send messages, or see them from others. Tried on companion and through atv. My messages don’t show up and can’t see what anybody else is saying either.

Do you force quit Zwift on the Apple TV after each session?
Do you force quit the Companion app on your phone after each session?

I have found that if you do both of the above, you will prevent and/or resolve some odd issues with Zwift.

Lastly, manually make sure everything is updated (i.e., tvOS, Zwift, and Companion app).

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That may be it…think the app, even though I exited zwift was still open in the background? So double tapped the screen button on remote to see which apps appeared, and zwift was there. So, swiped up to close. Reopened and looks like that was it. Seems to work now.