Zwift World Champion Jersey

I was wondering what Zwift will decide to use as the 2024 Champion’s jersey?
I picture some kind of globe. I assume UCI and Olympic design may be off limits?
So, who wants to suggest something here?
My design looked better in my head than below.
I think it should be announced in December, what is the jersey one is chasing.
Lots of companies, like have free design.

It is basically a globe with a ‘Z’ land mass.
I would love to see what others can create.
Let the community approve it, so we don’t have complaints later, lol.

Didn’t know there was such a thing as a Zwift world champion, does it go to the vainest person on Zwift

I think this was what I envisioned.

I will edit the first post to this design.

The e-sports world championships are UCI sanctioned, so the winners wear the rainbow jersey. Zwift lost the world championships to MyWhoosh, so they won’t be hosting the event next year.

I think that the thread is talking about this:

Zwift is a Virtual world…so using an image of a real world is all kinds of wrong.

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No zwift is many worlds

etc :wink:


Some Orange World Champion stripes and perfect!! I would purchase!


That’s pretty awesome.