Zwift workout to Garmin change activity type

Hey there! Is there a way to change automatically uploaded workout to Garmin from virtual cycling to cycling or something else?

p.s. I need this because trainerize app does not sync virtual workouts and my coach does not see them

p.s.s. If i change them manualy by hand, it is too late and it does not sync again later. I think it only syncs when the workout is uploaded to Garmin.

If you have Zwift connected to Garmin it will automatically import your activity as a virtual cycling type activity. You can’t change that beforehand.

You should then deactivate the connection, download your fit file from Zwift, open it in FFRT where you can modify the type of activity into what you like to, save it and import it manually to Garmin.

Other solution is to double record your activity with your Garmin watch as indoor cycle type activity, if you don’t need the GPS trace and distance from ridden in Zwift. If your coach checks only your power output, that will do.

The sync indeed is only done once at the upload/import timestamp.

Thanks for the ideas mate! This will do the trick.

Have a great day!

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You’re welcome :smiley:

Thanks again mate! Everything worked out fine. I just started cycling workout on my garmin watch. Actually it does show speed and distance from Kickr core but it differs from Zwift though. Feels actually more like outside, more realistic speed.


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Yes if you connect to your watch as sensor your smart trainer, then it will read the Power and speed based on your trainer. It won’t have elevation, because it’s just missing from Garmin. I don’t know why they didn’t implement that. So you won’t have the same distance because your watch will never know when you are going up or down, and you could go down AdZ with 0 Watts but covering the whole distance, your watch will have no clue…

At least you have your HR and your Power output in the garmin fit file! :slight_smile:

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