Zwift "workout mode" shortcut

(J.Thomas Paulsen) #1

 After the last update ( Zwift 10/16 1.0.14586 ) the shortcut “E” for accessing the workout mode in game doesn’t work anymore

(Jason K) #2

After investigating, it looks like the functionality changes after you complete an event. We’ll be looking into this, but in the meantime, you can end your session after you finish an event and start a new one if you want to do a workout either through the regular menu or through the E key shortcut.

On the upside, this will also differentiate between your event fit file and workout fit file, so it’s not entirely a bad thing. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the report!

(J.Thomas Paulsen) #3

Thanks for the reply Jason.

Actually, If I enter the workout mode from the start menu and start the session with a workout, the shortcut works “in game”. Then I can access the workout mode with the shortcut “E”. As mention earlier the shortcut does not work if I enter the game directly and tries to access the “workout mode” from the game during a session. This happens after the latest software update.

I have a similar issue with the Events. If I join an event from the start menu, or from the mobile app, before I enter the game everything works fine and the countdown to the event appears in the lower left corner. I can join or leave the event from the mobile app.

When I’m joining an event from the mobile app during a session ( after I have entered the game ) nothing actually happens.

I have several setups and the same issues appears.

Ps. It would be nice with a shortcut to the start menu where you can choose events, workout mode, or the route at the current course of the day :wink:




(J.Thomas Paulsen) #4

The shortcut to the workout mode in game seems ta have been fixed now, but there is still an issue regarding access to the events through the mobile app.


(Jerry Weiss) #5

The E shortcut does not work again.