Start Workout without stopping Zwift

It would be nice if you are riding in Zwift that you can start stop and change Workouts.
Now you allways have to start stop zwift.

If you do “event workouts” it is possible.
So please make other workouts the same…

You should be able to hit “E” on your keyboard and select a workout.

Thanks for the quick feedback.,
I try this tomorrow.

and for those without E’s or keyboards, the iOS and tvOS apps now have a Workouts tile in the main menu screen.

Yep, I was going to mention that too. The new Workouts option is great. Thanks for listening to your users and including that in the update Zwift boffins.

But… If doing so will the WO be a seperat activity or will I get It bundeld with the on going one?

Me I want to have them as seperate activites…