Zwift Workout "Coach"

So, does the virtual coach on the Zwift workout programs ever tell you if you could be doing better? I’m just wondering how proud I should feel when they tell me that I really nailed a workout. haha

Pretty sure the text is fixed. If you finish the workout stars it probably says the same thing. If you fail it might not…


Watch the virtual coaches comment on the workout summary. In the upper right hand corner of the screen you are given a one word evaluation, I think. I have seen Ok, nice and a superlative word that I don’t remember. My impression has been that this is based on some metric probably the TSS earned.

That’s what I figured. I usually have an idea if I was pretty close to target the whole time. So far I’ve been able to put out what it’s asking of me in the program I’m using. The only exceptions are a couple times when I zoned out for a bit and missed speeding up or slowing down for part of an interval.

Hi Everyone,

I’m pretty sure the text is fixed… When I do nail the interval, then I’m pleased with the encouraging words. I have also failed a segment utterly (turned off the ERG and just rode through with the screen blinking madly at me to increase power and cadence), and I was still was given some kind of “great job” message. Had to chuckle about that a bit.