Why is Zwift asking me questions that it should know the answer to. And the training prompts

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Here are some questions that Zwift asks me:
Is your heart rate remaining steady?
How does heart rate compare to first?
How was your HR response today.
How much did HR rise over the 30 minute effort?

When I read those questions during a workout, especially at the end of a power interval, I think to myself, “It would be great if I had a computer that could calculate these things and answer the question for me.” And then I think, “I do have that computer, I am looking right at it, why is it asking me these questions, it should be ANSWERING THEM FOR ME!”

Yeah, I generally have in my mind that the beginning of each interval has my HR around 130. But Zwift can tell me EXACTLY. And today I was getting destroyed, then it asked me how my HR rose over the 30 minutes. I literally have no idea; I was barely hanging on. Zwift - you need to answer that question for us. Like, every question you ask, my answer is YOU TELL ME!

I also like, “Observe start and finish HR for each level.” Yeah, no, you are keeping track of that. You tell me what my HRs are.

Yes, I am observing, I am watching. But that’s what I did in 1992.

It also asks these questions, without telling me what would be considered bad/adequate/good :frowning:

I believe these messages are put in the workouts by the coaches who created them, at least that is how the cycling workouts appear to be. Zwift hires the coaches to create workout programs and they input their own text and messaging.

I agree though, Zwift should program the workouts to tell you what your individual metrics are based on what the coaches want to see and measure.

I don’t think the coaches put them in. I think the coaches generate the concept for the program then when it’s programmed and edited someone throws random questions at them.

I don’t think the point is to KNOW the answer. The point is for you to identify how you feel and to notice changes in your bodies response over time as your fitness improves. Does your heart rate response improve, is breathing easier and so on.

This is less about hard data and more about understanding your own physiology and development.

Anyway don’t over think it. I usually ignore the messages. Typically they are meaningless and not particularly useful. Just noise and distraction from the pain of a hard workout.

Beyond that putting in more specific metrics would be a challenge as this would very from person to person. A one size fits all approach would probably not be very valuable of it’s to ridge in it’s definition

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No I am 99% sure the comments are done by the coaches. A few of these programs were custom made and done live in Zwift workouts as part of a workout plan.

Really? Some of them are pretty dumb.

Take some water now. Sip, sip.

Really coach? I’m in the middle of laying down 120% ftp and you want me to take a water break. If it’s okay with you I’ll wait 1min and take my water during the active recovery.

Either way if they help inspire people great if not ignore them.

Shane from GC Coaching has talked about how he has to write all the script for the Zwift academy workouts he created during his Never going pro podcast.

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