Workout Hints

During workouts occasional hints pop up.  Stuff like:

     “Prepare yourself for the big effort ahead.”

     “How does your heart rate compare to the first set?”

These are mildly helpful, but they could be better.


  1. I would like it if these hints provided deeper insight into what the workout is designed to do.  What is the upcoming set about?  How should I be riding it and what is expected to happen?

2)  I’m wearing a heart rate monitor, which Zwift is reading and displaying.  I’ve also entered my theoretical maximum heart rate into my profile.  How about, instead of asking my oxygen deprived brain to remember what my heart rate was at the end of the first of ten intervals, the workout told me?  “How does your heart rate compare to the first set?” could be “Your heart rate at the end of the 7th interval is 165.  That’s 7.2% higher than the 1st interval.  We are looking for an increase of about 10%.  Consider increasing the difficulty a bit.”


Thank you.

Already a feature as I’ve seen it. People that make workouts need to use it. 

Don’t get silly with the question thing.