mid workout notices

 When in the workout modes, sometimes a note comes up with “is your HR rising with each interval?”


“are you maintaining a consistent HR”? or something like that… and then there is no follow up thing… so I sit there going… well, yes… is it meant to be? Is it not meant to be? What is the point of the workout?

Why tell us to take note of the HR at the beginning and end of the session, and then not say why, or what to do with the information? Seems a bit like a half thought out idea that could be useful, but hasnt been finished.

Notes are specific to each workout, so we’d need to know which workout you’re seeing these notes on and whether they’re official workouts to look into it further.

That being said, there should also be a good summary of the workout’s intent in its description that you can see before starting. And it sounds like it is intended that your HR should be rising/you should be maintaining a consistent HR respectively, based on the descriptions you provided.

The ones I have done are in the 4week FTP booster. so yes. they are “official” ones.

There is no indication on the beginning notes as to what you should expect your HR to be doing, which is why I was a bit surprised when there were notices coming up asking me to note HR at the beginning and end.


The messages seem particularly ambiguous, and there is no real indication as to whether you should be rising in HR or should be staying static. If the wording is meant to tell you that it is, the wording definitely needs to be chjanged to

“did your HR rise during this test? It was meant to stay fairly static throughout”.


“did your HR rise steadily over the course of the intervals, because it was meant to”. etc.