Zwift workous - preparation for mountain race in summer 2017

Hi! I am a beginner to Zwift and structured workout. I am now starting preparation for a mountain bike race in 8 months time. I did the ftp test and started the 6 week beginner ftp workout on Zwift. I am currently at 2W/kg, and of course want to improve to be able to finish the mountain race. I am wondering if the ftp 6 weeks workout on zwift is a good beginning, or shall I do other workouts, like the 60-90 min sweet spot workout? Or maybe traing with c group once a week with longer rides? The race will be 55 km, 1500 metres climb. I am living in a flat area so the best climbing I can get on daily basis is on the tax neo! Thank you in advance!

Hi, it kinda depends on what your goal is. As you’ll be climbing a lot you need to get your legs used to it. I’m not quire familiar with the workouts on Zwift and what which is for.

Next to workouts you could start riding Zwift mountain. On occasions try to push a bit heavier gears to build strength. Keep it fun. Every now and then do long distance rides of at least the distance you’ll be riding. Give yourself rest between hard training sessions. Most important, have fun.

Since you’ll be climing 1’500m i assume you’ll be climbing to a certain altitude. Keep in mind that the air in higher elevation gets thinner. Get to know your body,



Thanks Andre!

I am doing ftp beginner 2nd week and trying out group rides etc. for the moment and getting to know the finctionalities in zwift, it is real fun for now :slight_smile:
I undertand the mountains are available on some days only, and I will train once a week for the lenght, hoping that % of climb and lenght in km do not vary too much from the real world :wink:
Ps 1500 m is total climb, in practice there are 4 climbs of ca. 400 m each:)

Hi Joanna,

the 6 week FTP beginner is a good starting point. There likely will be a difference between a mountain bike race and a road cycling race:

You will probably need more “short power”. The more dynamic riding style, racing aggressively, switching pace should be your focus after your base build.

Of course you’ll need strength endurance, but your focus should be on VO2max work/training. Some basic infos here:

So try to follow the Zwift plan after your initial 6 weeks (and probably some parts of it before your race.

8wk Race Day Prep

And whenever the weather is fine, go out, have fun…



Hey guys! Same boat for me- I’m just starting Zwift and looking to build my training program to be in peak race condition for mountain bike races this summer… I’m going to look at the links provided, but any more help is appreciated. :slight_smile:


I did partially used Zwift to prepare for MTB race (55k, 1500m+). I did the 10-12 weeks ftp 2 years back (it was a beta at this time…) I started with low ftp (~140 I think) and ended up above 200 at that time. Then I did mix trainer for “fractioned” sessions and longer "fat burning low effort) rides and then outdoor rides for the technique (and fun !).

That said, Mountain bike is far from being just about the legs… never forget to make arms and back strong as well :wink:

For shorter period, I just finished the 4 weeks ftp program which works well. The challenge is that it requires 1h every day, but good results.

I think that the key points are (my view only) : regular trainings (stop 2 weeks for vacation is baaaad), have fun (but not too much), be able to push without hurting yourself (“no pain no gain”), and never forget that technique is critical (both for up and downhill).

Enjoy !