Zwift Womens Week

I had a really great ride this morning with Zwift HQ women, however my Zwift Womens Week Jersey did not unlock at the end of the ride, and is not in my profile. On completion of the ride this morning I did notice most of the ladies kept their jersey’s, but mine went back to my previous jersey that I was wearing. This was my first group ride and I would very much like to keep the jersey, can someone help me unlock it. Thanks M Harvey

whens mens week?

Funny, it’s my impression you guys get the other 51 weeks of the year… :sunglasses:

lol,  I see ‘mans’ club, ‘fathers’ clubs’ ‘mens days’ all as divisive as the female stuff haha Sort of been like that since the 70’s.
Mind you I keep hearing about how great women are lately then spend all day watching adverts for thrush, itchy and odourous vaginas and lack of pee control lmao