Zwift VR

(Mats Westerholm) #1

Is it possible to download Zwift VR for paying customer? :slight_smile:

I really would like to try it!

I have all the gear needed and knowledge needed and I can survive a crash here and there as the beta goes forward to release (devices I got access to HTC Vive with GTX1080 and a Wahoo Kickr 2 or any iOS device depending on what platform the Zwift VR is running on? Latest Apple TV aswell… want to try the tvOS app hehe!)

Just need the software!!! Pleeeeease :wink:

//Mats, SWEDEN

(Tim Shaw) #2

Hi Mats,

If you have all the equipment needed I’m not sure the issue here, you should be able to download Zwift and get riding.

Maybe check out a Zwift getting started guide such as  or at, both should put you on the right track to getting going.




(Mats Westerholm) #3

But isn’t it a special Zwift VR version in order to get VR support? I dont have all the gear available at one place at the moment as the VR headset is at work and trainer at home.

(Tyler Shannon) #4

Hi Mats, 


The VR version of Zwift is not available for download, thought it maybe one day in the future!

(Paul Allen) #5

VR is pre beta at the moment, as far as I know it has not been release for any open testing.

(Mats Westerholm) #6

Ah I understand. But cant you make an exception. I dont care if it crashes etc. Just want to try out the VR experience.