Zwift VR

Is it possible to download Zwift VR for paying customer? :slight_smile:

I really would like to try it!

I have all the gear needed and knowledge needed and I can survive a crash here and there as the beta goes forward to release (devices I got access to HTC Vive with GTX1080 and a Wahoo Kickr 2 or any iOS device depending on what platform the Zwift VR is running on? Latest Apple TV aswell… want to try the tvOS app hehe!)

Just need the software!!! Pleeeeease :wink:

//Mats, SWEDEN

Hi Mats,

If you have all the equipment needed I’m not sure the issue here, you should be able to download Zwift and get riding.

Maybe check out a Zwift getting started guide such as  or at, both should put you on the right track to getting going.




But isn’t it a special Zwift VR version in order to get VR support? I dont have all the gear available at one place at the moment as the VR headset is at work and trainer at home.

Hi Mats, 


The VR version of Zwift is not available for download, thought it maybe one day in the future!

VR is pre beta at the moment, as far as I know it has not been release for any open testing.

Ah I understand. But cant you make an exception. I dont care if it crashes etc. Just want to try out the VR experience.