Zwift Video Screenshots (Apple release) [February 2023]

We haven’t rolled out to Apple TV just yet, but we’re planning to in the near future. We’re still evaluating which exact models will get it first.

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When will this be available for pc?

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And when will Android get it???

Have they allready started working on the Android video mode ??? The last time I asked (months back) you told us they did not even get started on the Android video module. And to be honest it is takeing a really long time now to get even a hint of a time frame.

Bumping this as really eager to see the feature on PC or android.

Any ETA for video screenshots for MacOs with all these rollouts please?

Hi folks, in case you haven’t seen, starting today we’re beginning to roll out Video Screenshots to Apple TV: Video Screenshots - Apple TV Release [June 2023]

We’re doing some final testing and performance evaluation of the Windows version of Video Screenshots, and within the next few weeks we’ll likely start rolling out to some Windows devices. The specifics are still to be determined based on our performance evaluation, but I’ll share more in a new forum post once we start rolling it out.

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Android timeline is not yet set; right now we’re just starting to work on an internal proof-of-concept and get a better understanding of Android’s video capture capabilities and performance. We’ll be evaluating those soon which will help better inform next steps and I’ll share back here more when I can.

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Still not had an answer re time frame please- my last posted question from this morning has been locked down and linked to prior posts that say there is a rollout - my question is when will the video screen shot rollout complete please? I have a Macbook air. I’m not sure why my post was locked off- the question remains to be answered please?

Hey @MTaylor_AHDRL - currently Video Screenshots is available for all macOS devices with M1 (and newer) processors, and for Macbook Airs it looks like that includes 2020 models and newer. We’re still working on expanding to additional devices over time.

Would you mind sharing the specific model Macbook Air that you’re using?

That sounds bizar late to me in comaprison to the other platforms. As usual Android is getting this kind of stuff last and probably will get the worst image quality just like the app does.

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The screenshots are capped across the platforms owing to limitations on Strava.

A platform had to go first and a platform has to go last.

When you say ‘as usual’ do you have other examples of where Android users have been mistreated in your opinion?

I have had an earlier discussion with Evan about it and he knows what I mean.

Then I’m not entirely sure why you felt the need to post what you did if you already had an answer?

This forum doesn’t need unnecessary inflammatory comments.

Hi Evan
Thanks for replying- it’s 2017 2.2 GHz dual core i7. Intel HD Graphics 6000
Kind regards

I own a MacBook Pro Intel based bought in September 2020 and still haven’t received the video screenshots feature. Will I receive it?

Evan’s update from 6 days ago was that they’re still working on the feature for Intel macs

I have two Apple TV 4K devices, both run Zwift with the same graphics profile as the game doesn’t differentiate between the A15 version and the previous generation, however I’ve noticed the video replay feature is only on the newer A15 version.

Assume the previous generation 4K device will also get it?

See Video Screenshots - Apple TV Release [June 2023]

The 2nd gen ATV 4K (A12) will.get it shortly if not already, but the 1st gen (A10X) won’t at the moment.

Thanks for the info. Will the 1st gen 4k get this eventually, or not ?