Zwift Verified Strava Segments in Game


It would be great if you could overlay in realtime over the HUD Zwift Verified Strava Segments. Of course it will be an option that users can switch on and off if they don’t like it.

I would like to see how many seconds ahead or behind I am on my own personal best as well as seeing the time difference to best time. Could even toggle to see in realtime how quick I am against my friends in Zwift or Strava.

Could even have ghost riders showing the time gaps!

Think that would add real competitive community option.

Get it done ASAP :wink:


Zwift and Strava don’t interface at real time however, Zwift just uploads the .fit file after the ride is complete, only then does Strava see it and produce results on the segments you rode. I see what you are saying though, basically have more timed routes or segments on Zwift with MORE THAN A 30 DAY PR!!! and a ghost. Lots of requests for this already…


Look at There is a option to show your stared segments. I run zwifthacks maps on my 3rd monitor.

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