Zwift UPG but lower average than winner?

Hi all.
I’ll apologise now if my question is just down to a lack of understanding or just general incompetence!
Anyway, I did the ZHR Hare and hounds race earlier today in category C.
My average power output was registered at 3.1wpk. I was listed as UPG which I believe means I need to enter Cat B.
However, the C was listed as up to 3.2wpk and indeed the guy who was listed as the official winner had an average of 3.2wpk

I may just be being thick, but am I missing something here. Obviously for future races I need to understand what’s happening.


Future races you need to enter as a Cat B - As that is what you are currently classified as.

To answer the specifics, (I think) you have not been DQ due to this performance, but you are a Cat B & entered the wrong category and therefore DQ’d for that.
Your best 3 performances from the last 90 days show you at 3.26

So until your avg for the last 90 days is under 3.2 you will need to continue in B to not get DQ’d.

OK, that makes sense. Thank you

You need to apply the 95% of 20 min rule, the winner was below the limit.

Further to what Lee says here, it is possible to have avg power in excess of the 3.2w/kg threshold and not be upgraded if you are especially light. The criteria for upgrade is 3.2 wkg and 200 w FTP . Eg a 49kg rider could be 4w/kg and not meet the upgrade criteria.