Zwift UPG but lower average than winner?

Hi all.
I’ll apologise now if my question is just down to a lack of understanding or just general incompetence!
Anyway, I did the ZHR Hare and hounds race earlier today in category C.
My average power output was registered at 3.1wpk. I was listed as UPG which I believe means I need to enter Cat B.
However, the C was listed as up to 3.2wpk and indeed the guy who was listed as the official winner had an average of 3.2wpk

I may just be being thick, but am I missing something here. Obviously for future races I need to understand what’s happening.


Future races you need to enter as a Cat B - As that is what you are currently classified as.

To answer the specifics, (I think) you have not been DQ due to this performance, but you are a Cat B & entered the wrong category and therefore DQ’d for that.
Your best 3 performances from the last 90 days show you at 3.26

So until your avg for the last 90 days is under 3.2 you will need to continue in B to not get DQ’d.

OK, that makes sense. Thank you

You need to apply the 95% of 20 min rule, the winner was below the limit.

Further to what Lee says here, it is possible to have avg power in excess of the 3.2w/kg threshold and not be upgraded if you are especially light. The criteria for upgrade is 3.2 wkg and 200 w FTP . Eg a 49kg rider could be 4w/kg and not meet the upgrade criteria.

Why do I get UPG for B group rides that state in the description that it is allows to join by all categories? Happed twice for haute route nation rides? Just would like to understand if I should not have joined this group ride?
See haute route nation ride of august 18 on my zwiftpower profile

because they set it up incorrectly on ZwiftPower, not your fault.

It look like the organizer did not set it up correctly.


EDIT: What Mike said ^

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