Zwift Training routine 'Stuck'

I completed the Gorby training session today. I can see the session in both my desktop and on Zwift Companion, so the training session looks logged, but if I click into the session on the desktop, all I get is the ‘Z’ at the top of the screen changing colour and shape continously and not uploading my stats and if I go into the companion, I can click the activity, but I can’t see any zone, cadence detail at all. IN addition, nothing has been uploaded to Strava, so it feels like the workout is stuck somewhere?? I tried to log a short 0.5km additional ride as well to see if I can get my profile moving, but that is not appearing in my list of completed rides. Any thoughts on what to do?

Updated - I re-installed Zwift on my Mac this morning, but it doesnt solve the issue. I start a training ride, I can see it on companion, I end the ride and click save/exit/upload to Strava and then it disappears from my feed and there is no upload onto anything. Can someone help me?

Did you find a solution? I’m experiencing the same issue.