Zwift + Tacx vortex

Hello, I am using the Zwift app from my Pixel 3 XL with a TACX Vortex. I don’t understand why but I’m losing the connection between the Zwift app and my trainer. The only way I have found is to force quit the app on my phone to be able to communicate with my trainer again. On the other hand, when I use the tacx diagnostic tool I do not lose communication. I also updated the firmware of my trainer. I use bluetooth to communicate with my TACX. My Android device is attached to the bike so it is not far from my trainer. Do you have any advice to improve my experience because I lose communication after + - 4km so it’s really not easy to train. Thank you!

Have you tried connecting to the trainer via ant+ than bluetooth?

No my pixel 3 XL don’t have any+

controllable trainers aren’t supported via ant+ on android

I have never successfully re-paired a trainer that has lost connection on android - it is very annoying.

like you say the only option is to force close zwift and re-open it and then it works again.

There a way to connect my trainer ? I mean with a cable so no more network problem…

Sadly not, if you have a PC/Mac you could try that and get an ANT+ dongle, that might be more stable, Ant+ is much better at reconnecting after drop outs too.