Zwift Stress Test - A 5k Paceline

(Jeff Preston65+@BNC) #1

It seems that new beta testers are joining daily and that’s great. How about we setup a time for everyone to join in a 5k long paceline that completely rings the island. At 2 meters per bike I figure 2500 of us should do the trick. Would be great to see and a REAL test for those Zwift servers. Just a thought :wink:

(Chuck Kozlowski ZSUNR) #2

The most riders I have seen on the Island at once has been around 70. This would be quite a logistics challenge.

(Eric Min) #3

@Chuck - the correct number is closer to double that. There is a bug at the moment that does not tell you the true number of users in the game. The more accurate figure is what you see on the mobile app when taking a sneak peak. We will be addressing this bug shortly.