Zwift shuts down on watopia

Hello i have this problem since months. I can’t ride on tempus fugit or road to sky, zwift automatically shuts down. I try to reinstall, erasing cookies… but i can’t fix it.

Any idea? Thank you

Hi Ramon, please provide a full rundown of the specifications of the device you’re using to run Zwift. That’s needed before anyone can help. See here: Guide to Getting Useful Support

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i’m using a pc with windows 10. Game version 1.0.80068 and a tacx flux trainer connected via an ant+ usb. i only have the problem in watopia, the other worlds are running fine.

Will need the specs please. There are any number of issues this could relate to.

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If you can put your log file in and post the image we can see the PC speck and may help with the problem.