ZWIFT Shopping guide: drops

I on my way to level 10. I looked at the document that suggest what to buy, however I think I will have about 550.000 - 600.000 drops. So I can’t buy what they all suggest, don’t have the drops for it.

My Question, what should I buy first (and I don’t mind holding my drops till I can afford it)?

Take a look at this very informative zwift insider article:

What to buy at each level


Yeah, your drops should be plenty if you just get the must buys and you should still have some left over for some of the ones in bold. That document lists everything available so it’s not obviously not possible to get all the items on the list.

The articles and lists Inthe reference section of ZwiftInsider website are really good.

Personally, I would go for the Canyon Aeroad 2021. It will do you well for most events until you’ve gone up another 10 levels (by which time you’ll have more drops).

I would also say Zipp808 wheels but you have to grit your teeth for 3 more levels for those even though you have the drops.

I would ignore anything that’s not a Must Buy on that list. The tiny gains aren’t worth it.


I cant buy all the must buys… so which one of the must buys of level 6-9-10 is no 1?

I am doing training only (not free rides and I am beginning to think you get more XP for next level in training vs drops doing the time in f.i free rides

I am on level 9 + 33% of level 10 and I am 432.652 drops. So the statement to buy all Must haves does work from me… I have WAY to few drops

Do more climbing. For more drops without sacrificing XP, climb while in workout mode.

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The crossover point for XP is about 30 km/h. Ride faster, and free rides net you more XP. Ride slower, and workouts net you more XP. This is just a rule of thumb. See

Drops accumulate at the same rate whether you are in a workout or a free ride (unless you are following a pace partner in the free ride–good luck doing that in a workout). See

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thanks, so I am going to be in someone’s wheel, in a group getting ride ons, going above 30km/h, up and down a hill for a long time :slight_smile: That should get me max drops and XP

ps and change my profile to female :slight_smile:

thanks useful

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All depends upon n what you do I like races and group rides so tend to use the canyon aeroad with zipp 808for flats and the enve 3.4 for all rounder but if it’s climbs you prefer then the cannondale Evo frame seems to be the best

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