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I’d like to have my Zwift activities contribute to filling the rings on Samsung Health but I’m struggling to get activities across. A google search proves useless, all I get is results for using Samsung watch as a HRM, which is what I DON’T want.

I just want Zwift data across to Samsung Health.

Your help is appreciated.

If you have your activities synched from Zwift > Garmin Connect, then Health Sync app should work. Unsure if it has an Apple version. Not using it myself but played with it a few years back for some reason and IIRC it worked fine.

Thanks for the reply. I have downloaded and tried HS but to no avail. Emailed support and got this

Thanks for your message. I’m sorry, but Garmin doesn’t allow us anymore to read Zwift data in Garmin Connect. No third party app can do this anymore. Garmin told us that this was due to privacy and legal issues.

We requested Zwift if we could integrate with their platform, but they didn’t respond. We will keep trying.

In the near future we will add the sync from Strava to other apps, then you can sync Zwift activities from Strava to for example Google Fit or Samsung Health.

So if anyone else has any suggestions it would be appreciated.

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After further blabbing…

Health Sync can sync Garmin activity data if it is tracked with a Garmin watch. Garmin doesn’t allow third party apps such as Health Sync to read data added to Garmin Connect with other apps, such as Zwift.

As much use as a fart in the wind.

How it such popular apps and renowned companies can’t even do the basics together. It beggars belief.


That might explain why I had success as I always dual record with Garmin head unit.

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I guess I’ll just select indoor cycle on the watch and hope it picks it up.