Zwift Rowing in Weeks? Eric Min

EXR is a zwiftlike app for rowing that supports concept2 rowers and is out of beta now, available for free trial and subscription. No I don’t work for EXR but wish I had a concept2 rower to try it out

It’s also been endorsed by Jon Mayfeild, co-founder of Zwift.

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I areally love the ‘game’. I use it exclusively for rowing now. Its great. Its very zwift like just you have boats not bicycles and you have all the usual stuff (XP / Segments etc) No real interactivity, I do see rowers. They tend to be responsive with issues and I guess it remains to be seen where the product roadmap goes. I started using it when it was in Beta. Its a no brainer to connect to the game I dont need to use dongles (NPE brilliant mind you and would recommend it in a second) which I prefer and I dont have to deal with fake bike rides. I havent tried the workout feature yet. I actually think these guys have some great ideas. I definitely would recommend it.

Ride or Row on whichever you prefer :slight_smile:
Sara !

Thinking of trying the 5 day EXR trial tomorrow :worried:

It´s not bad the EXR tool :slight_smile: just like Zwift

Very interested in EXR as well… just want it to work with my Smartrow/Waterrower power device… yes I could get the bluetooth module to use with the inaccurate S4 but don’t want to throw money at ‘guessing power’ hardware.

If they get to support the Smartrow hardware I’ll jump on board immediately. I’m led to beleive the have plans to discuss possible implementation with Smartrow, fingers crossed.