Zwift Rowing in Weeks? Eric Min

One year later still no rowing option. A. matter of weeks :rofl: :joy: :rofl:


I think zwift are suffering from the “Apple effect”

early innovation/development meant they gained a decent market share and people will buy new version (or keep paying subscriptions) regardless of how good the new products are.

So the conundrum is, spend loads of money to develop new features or products and really push innovation or just spend a bit on a slightly better camera/bigger screen/faster processor (or new bikes/kits/new roads in zwifts case) and the number of customers/users will be pretty similar afterwards .

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I suspect they may have a spaghetti code issue. Fixing bugs and adding new features take longer than needed and any code changes have a much higher likely hood of introducing new bugs. I think zwift started as a hobby and then quickly grew to what it is now, so (at least from the outside) it is easy to see a code base turning to spaghetti. I’m hopeful that big UI update will come with refactored code base and much faster features releases will follow. And rowing, the prospect of rowing is what got me started on zwift.

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No-one thinks you’re wrong about spaghetti code but the constant false announcements (not just with regards to rowing) is why I looked elsewhere.


Or maybe a barrel :rofl:


Apparently Jon posted this last week on Facebook so no rowing anytime soon on Zwift.

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I think you might be right. I’m not a full developer, but having project managed enough development and developers I know how these things work.

Rowing would have been interesting as an alternative.

I thought the “big” new UI release was killed (after being announced as ready) during covid lockdowns in 2020?? Surely they haven’t just been sitting around with a thumb up there butt about actually doing this. Then again maybe I’ve missed something “big” while I paid for the service but enjoyed the summer’s sun.

You haven’t missed anything! Well apart from the increase in bugs in the game.


@Development Team… please add concept 2 rowing feature to Zwift.


Hi @Matthew_Shatynski, welcome to the forums.

Zwift’s last communication about rowing was that it has been put on the back burner for now. I would not expect to see any support for a long time, but always good to put your hand up and say that you would like it.

Ride (probably not going to row for a while) on!


EXR is a zwiftlike app for rowing that supports concept2 rowers and is out of beta now, available for free trial and subscription. No I don’t work for EXR but wish I had a concept2 rower to try it out

It’s also been endorsed by Jon Mayfeild, co-founder of Zwift.


I areally love the ‘game’. I use it exclusively for rowing now. Its great. Its very zwift like just you have boats not bicycles and you have all the usual stuff (XP / Segments etc) No real interactivity, I do see rowers. They tend to be responsive with issues and I guess it remains to be seen where the product roadmap goes. I started using it when it was in Beta. Its a no brainer to connect to the game I dont need to use dongles (NPE brilliant mind you and would recommend it in a second) which I prefer and I dont have to deal with fake bike rides. I havent tried the workout feature yet. I actually think these guys have some great ideas. I definitely would recommend it.

Ride or Row on whichever you prefer :slight_smile:
Sara !

Thinking of trying the 5 day EXR trial tomorrow :worried:

It´s not bad the EXR tool :slight_smile: just like Zwift

Very interested in EXR as well… just want it to work with my Smartrow/Waterrower power device… yes I could get the bluetooth module to use with the inaccurate S4 but don’t want to throw money at ‘guessing power’ hardware.

If they get to support the Smartrow hardware I’ll jump on board immediately. I’m led to beleive the have plans to discuss possible implementation with Smartrow, fingers crossed.

I think rowing will be great in zwift… I’d buy an indoor rower if that was launched.

With regards to running, I disagree… zwift is great for indoor running workouts! In fact, I’d argue, slightly better than outdoors in this respect!


I did just before we were told it’ll be here in two weeks. :roll_eyes:

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Is it PC only, or can you get an iOS or android app?