Zwift Rowing Bike

(Jeff Bloom) #1

Add a rowing bike to Zwift. This should be done instead of, or in, addition to an on water simulation. I have rowed many millions of meters online using Rowpro, and about 5000 miles in Zwift. My rowing machine misses me, but compared it Zwift it is very boring. Adding a rowing bike simulator would get me and many others back on the rowing machine, and make my exercise more well rounded than just cycling…

  1. It will be more fun. Rowing in real life is fantastic, and rowing online(e.g. Rowpro) is OK, but imagine being able to row up and down hills, row in packs, and being able to do group rows and races. With drafting, the group races would offer something totally unique that many rowers would gravitate to. I could see many rowing teams using this as a cure to the winter indoor rowing doldrums.
  2. It should be easier to implement. You will just need to create 3d models for the rowing bike and rower and read the watts produced by a concept 2. In an on water rowing simulation, it would be awkward for rowers to pass closely due to the large extent of the oars.

Here are some thoughts more thoughts about a rowing bike.

a. Rowing bikes should share courses with the cyclists, but they should not be able to draft off cyclists,nor should cyclists draft off rowers.
b. Rowers and cyclists shouldn’t mix for races, rides and workouts. Theses events should be rower only or cycle only.
c. For the physics model, rowing bikes should have a lower CoD similar to to a recumbant. Also due to the complex machinery there should be a higher loss between the watts read by the concept 2 and those put into the wheels.
d. Here are a few videos of actual rowing bikes: the Rowcycle, and the rowing bike. There is also something called the Rowbike, but it looks kind of awkward.