Zwift Rowing and Skiing

Yep Concept 2 owner here… When you think of all the virtual rowing competitions you would be hosting on Zwift this seems like a no brainer. Give us rowing!

You might have seen this mentioned on Facebook. It seems to be the clearest, most unambiguous statement yet that rowing is coming very soon.

Rowing is coming out in a few weeks”, according to the Zwift CEO himself. That statement is at 55:28 in this interview.


Thanks Daren.

Tour de France for the next two weekends and then potentially straight into rowing? This is going to be an incredible month on Zwift if this happens! My setup is ready to go whenever they flip the switch (fingers crossed for no delays).


Hopefully there will also be Time update for either an extra day per week or a few extra hours a day to fit in riding, rowing and running.

@Eric - are you able to provide an update at all please? By most people’s interpretation ‘a few weeks’ has passed.


Definitely waiting on Rowing - does seem a long wait when taking account of the podcast statement.

A update on when we can expect rowing is most definitely overdue. Be upfront with your customer base…


+1 here on support for rowing in Zwift. Just waiting on the software …

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here we are 5 weeks later after the podcast…

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Still nothing from any of the Zwift “Watopians” about rowing.

You would think that it is basic courtesy to keep customers informed or answer questions, especially in the light of the podcast statement.

Come on Zwift … at least acknowledge there may be a communication issue, even if it is internal.


So another couple of weeks on from the last comment, and still silence from Zwift.

I niaively thought forums were monitored by Zwift staff? If that is the case are we deliberately being ignored?



If rowing is released this year I’ll be surprised.

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I agree, I would love a zwift rowing sector. I would definitely get in on that. Tell me how to help support the moment.

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From another thread:

An update from John Mayfield on Facebook

“ I don’t think I saw Eric say “two weeks” (I probably missed it) but I can say that we’re all excited here at Zwift about rowing and maybe he just got ahead of himself during an interview.

Currently it’s really just me working on rowing and while the software itself may be nearly ready for a public beta release we’re hesitant to take on that challenge right this second. We just have too many other things we need to support/follow up with Zwift cycling/running/etc. No secret we have lots of things to improve. In addition other departments like customer service will be overwhelmed with the fall rush, marketing focused on cycling, etc. To add rowers using beta software ontop of that maybe isn’t the best choice.

I can’t say a date because there is no date at this moment. The money just raised will help, but hiring people takes a loooong time, so I wouldn’t expect any immediate changes here.”

Pathetic. The first time Eric Min said “we’re looking at about “Christmas 2019””.

Zwift as a company is done for me. Zero communication skills. One is talking about “coming in weeks” and another one is saying “we dont have a date”.

To every rower out there: Just buy RowPro, I know it looks ugly, but well if there are enough people online, we can always row together. Forget about Zwift Rowing, it will never come out.

Really - John Mayfield was unaware that Eric Min said that rowing was coming out in a few weeks? I suppose it’s almost reassuring that the comms problem isn’t just with the customers.

For this who want to hear it from Eric then

It’s just after 55:30 on the podcast.

“Rowing is coming out in a few weeks.”

12th July 2020.

at this point just make Zwift open source. community driven efforts will far exceed whatever it is they’re doing anyway.

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In news that will surprise no-one rowing has been officially ■■■■-canned but then Eric did say this on a podcast so I probably wouldn’t believe that either and it will no doubt be out next week.


A podcast for fans of Zwift…

figures. but hey at least we have pace bots! :roll_eyes:

It’s about that time of the year where I check-in on Zwift to see what happened to the rowing feature. I’m very disappointed to see they stopped working on this development.

Maybe Zwift should have at least put the Alpha into Beta and gotten folks into testing. That would have determined a true demand. Rowing is, truly, a niche market, but, then again, so virtual riding and running. The colder months are the time to roll-out indoor workout options, so they’ve missed their mark again.

I did check out EXR, and I’m going to put my $50 toward their “ambassador” development (which includes the first year of membership when Beta is complete). It’s worth the cash to get in on their Beta and support a developer in this space. Again, my Concept2 and PM5 are just waiting for someone to integrate great software. If they are successful and can open up multiplayer in 2021, I’m totally down.

I will add my +1 to the disappointment. I’m sure Concept2 has readily shared the data on units sold, and, based upon my experience, there are a lot of garages with these units sitting and waiting for innovation.


When I read threads like this I get the feeling that Zwift staff are not active on the forum. They have a super active community that make suggestions, give feedback, would participate in alpha/betas… but they don’t use it. At least I didn’t find any feedback from Zwift during the thread on how to proceed with this feature. For some people it would even influence whether they buy a Waterrower (SmartRow) or Concept2 or another device. Too bad!