Zwift reducing power in race

My category in Zwift Power is “Minimum Category D”. I’ve just been in a Zwift race as a Cat D as I’ve not raced for a while, and with about 2k to go a message came up saying my power is being reduced as I’m too strong for this category. Why does it say “Minimum Cat D” to race in and they do this???

You were in a ZHQ ‘anti-sandbagging’ race. The power throttling you saw works from a different (and largely discredited) algorithm to ZwiftPower, and it can be triggered even if you entered the correct category in accordance with your ZP profile.

Enter any other race and you won’t encounter this.

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Hi @Stephen_Clark3539

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I assume it was a ZHQ FutureWorks Circuit Race. these races does not folow ZP categories 100%.

The best is to enter based on your FTP if you haven’t raced lately. FTP/weight = w/kg.

so a FTP of 240 and weight of 80 kg will be 240/80 = 3w/kg this C cat.

Thanks for the information Dave. Will try and remember that in future.

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Thanks Gerry. Interesting and appreciate you coming back to the question.

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the anti-sandbagging races look at 1min / 5min power and if ur doing crazy numbers u get a green cone of shame :wink: