Zwift racing results and race management: What are the plans? Zwift took Zwiftpower in house in 2020!

It’s quite possible the teams are having to spend some time re-prioritizing things after the reduction in force (getting new owners up to speed, reducing scope of certain things, shifting resources around etc. etc.), this takes time, and the engineering teams don’t necessarily know how that all is going to shake out yet, so ‘not responding’ might be different than knowing it’s not a priority. It’s possible they need a full round of reviews to reprioritize and re-schedule a lot of work that was in flight.


My impression from Flint (F) talking about it was that the new calculations are built in to Zwift with no need for ZP. It certainly was that way with v1 of ZRS. I don’t know how it handles people with crazy weight changes but given CE accounts for it I would be surprised if v2 doesn’t.

Zwift racing score already exists. You can see it in the data feed in Sauce at user level.

It’s all the other stuff… UI, testing etc.

If you make the guy running the project redundant when it is 95% done, do you really have an intention to finish it?

Maybe, but it seems unlikely to me.

As someone who managed a product management team who have gone through multiple reductions in force I can say that reductions in force are not always pivoted on project. In some cases they are (like if they are just canning the entire hardware division and people all have very specialized skills that don’t easily transfer to the rest of the core business etc), but if it’s about hitting certain numbers to make profitability it can be different - if it’s all within the software/UX side often product management resources can be seen as more fungible (a UX PM can manage racing experience, or they could also manage home-screen experience, sign-in flow etc.) - another person can pick up the torch and their area of ownership simply changes. It will slow things down, but just because the product manager in charge of racing is gone, does not mean that racing has to completely stop. I mean it could, but it also can mean that someone else’s scope changes and we see someone else pick up racing to take it the last 5%.

Guess we’ll see how things go moving forward, from the perspective of actual visible progress in the product I would say it’s been slow either way. But hopefully they get that last 5% done and we see something out of it.


“Made redundant” is what happens in mergers. This was just laying off good people as a result of mismanagement at the top. But you’re right, ZRS v2 is dead and we can tell by the complete lack of response from @shooj

@shooj could’ve dropped a “it’s not dead it’s just going to be delayed a bit” in less time than it’s taking him to clear the notifications from being tagged in all these posts.

It’s more of a UK term for what happened. In the developed world you can’t just ‘lay people off’.

Shall we go back to topic?

When do race organisers get some tools to support them beyond the current ZP feature set?
When will all race results be contained within one place (incl point races etc)?
When do we see Zwift race score in the wild?

Perhaps some over simplified thoughts.

How hard can it be to tell an organiser how many people signed up to their race, how many started, how many finished & in what position? There are currently what seems like multiple truths out there for a single event.


Yup, this is what is most important to me right now as a race organiser, particularly one source of the truth of how many started and finished. Fairly basic stuff for having any sort of race in any sport.


Semantics. It was a mass termination to make budget numbers look better after blowing untold millions on the hardware program and hotshot executives. Here we call that layoffs. You guys use the euphemism “redundancies.” It’s kind of like adding extra letters and syllables that don’t exist to “aluminum.”

maybe that’s the difference the UK has laws about getting rid of staff that seems the American law doesn’t have, working practices are different across cultures as I am sure you are aware

also you saying about aluminium is like the eddie izzard joke, you say 'erbs we say herbs, because there a ■■■■■■■ H in it.


There were mass terminations of UK staff with no notice, correct? Call it “redundancies” all you want it’s the same outcome. Layoffs typically come with severance packages on top of unemployment benefits in the US as well.

Unless it’s less than 20 people i don’t think you can make redundant with no notice.

Sure you could say you thinking of making people redundant and send them home but you would still be paying them for the consultation period and notice period on top of that so makes sense to keep employees to complete a handover assuming that is feasible.

if you are really bored. Making staff redundant: Redundancy consultations - GOV.UK

anyway a bit of topic now what happened has happened what we all want to know what is next with ZRS as by all accounts it was pretty much finished with test events just about ready to launch


No one at the UK was “redundantized,” or they were given notice?

Could maybe take this really interesting tangent to a different thread or direct message?

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There is a similar statute in California

That “notice” is typically replaced with severance packages. A third of Zwift was terminated a couple of weeks ago. They didn’t know the day before and they’re no longer working there the day after. Call it what you want, that’s the reality of it.

And it means that nothing will happen with race management for a very long time.


regarding zwift, this time specifically? doesn’t seem like it, though i’d be guessing, since it’s not something i really wanna spend time actually looking into. sorry to take things off topic, but i wonder if there really is a topic unless zhq are willing to give a comment. it would be nice if they did. on the racing, not the layoffs, i mean