Zwift Racing League Teams

Here is a place to discuss the new Zwift Racing League.

Hello to all Zwift Racers interested in the upcoming Zwift Racing League. I just wanted to let all Cat C riders know that I have created a Zwift Power team for C racers looking for a squad to race on during the Zwift Racing League. The team is called Zwift Racing League Team Cat C Riders comment below and join the team on Zwift Power if you’re interested.

Definitely interested in the Americas E league.

Hello Bruno,
Unfortunately I didn’t have enough interest so there is no team anymore. I would recommend looking on WTRL’s facebook page for teams in that time zone. This team might come back for season 2 so I will keep you posted.
Cade Fravel

Hi Cade, Thanks for letting me know. I don’t have a FB account and was really hoping I would not need to create one to be honest. If you know of a way to join an existing team without the need for a FB account, please let me know! Cheers, Bruno

I am currently a part of the Rhino Racing, I can ask my team captain if he minds me adding you to our discord channel so you could try and be a part of the team. I also don’t have facebook so I definitely no what you mean. I’ll get back to you on this.

Ok Bruno, my team captain has given me permission to add you to the discord channel if you’re interested.

Awesome! Much appreciated!

I’m just waiting on the link to share the discord server with you.

Do you have a discord account because we could continue our communications there?

I do, username aprita

What is the 4 digit number after your username?

tag is 1267

Sorry, I tried sending u a friend request but it can’t find your username?

R there any capital letters I should know about?

Sorry about that, it’s odd, just checked again, full username#tag is aprita#1267

Sorry, it’s still not working, u can try using my username, Cade Fravel#0937

getting a Friend request failed message

Me as well, I will try getting team cap to add you to the server using your username but it could take a while, I’ll keep u posted.

Thanks for all your help again, really appreciate it