Zwift Races - Winning Raiders Categories

Hi! I’m new to Zwift and just did a few races to “test the engine”. One of these races was TDZ Stage 6-category C. I ended up in a nice 50th place in the C Dashboard and, after that, took a glance at the C top5 winners in that race in Zwift Power. To my surprize, none of them was C. The winner was B and the other 4 that followed were A. How can that be? Why weren’t they disqualified? It doesn’t make sense to make them winners out of their real league. And Zwift has all the necessary data to put a DSQ tag on their race results. Can someone help me to understand this? Best regards

Nuno, TDZ is not categorised in terms of ability.

The A,B,C you refer to relates to the distance of the ride and not the Category.

That’s why a Cat B rider was able to win without being flagged, albeit I’m dubious as to how a Cat B rider has won against several Cat A riders.


Tour de Zwift is different, it’s not even categorised as a proper race, but as a unpaced group ride (more of a sportive), even though most people do give it the berries

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