Zwift Race Roster: Why are my power rankings all zero?

I’m back into Zwift this Winter and signed up for a race that goes up the “Road to Sky” course.

I refreshed the race roster on ZwiftPower and I eventually saw my name show up on the list of people signed up to ride. But some of the columns showing power rating (the ones titled “20 min” and “15 sec”) were all set to zeros for me. They have valid values for almost everyone else.

Why would mine be zero? Is there something I need to do?

Note that the list does show my best recorded effort on this course with time, power and w/kg at the end of the line. And I’ve ridden this route almost 30 times.

My trainer is a smart trainer (TACX) that I always have setup to report power while I’m riding

Looks like ZP needs race data from past 90 days. Same with the others that have blanks or 0’s.

Ah OK so it has to be an effort in an actual race then, not just a ride. I see, thanks!

I suspect its any event that appears in the ZP event listing under your profile - they are the only ones that determine your race cat. Cheers Joe.