20 min power missing from race results resulting in wrong ZPower cat assigned. Why?

Hi, I’m convinced I’m in the wrong category. When I’ve looked at the best 20min power for the last 90 days, ZP omits the races I’ve performed best in. There are several races missing 20 power records, despite them being longer than 20 minutes.

I’ve read this could be to do with the privacy settings on Strava (I’ve changed some which were set to ‘followers’ to ‘Everybody/all’). I’ve since changed the default setting on Strava to ‘all’ going forward and manually changed the events in Strava that had no 20 power in ZP and refreshed Strava data in ZP but nothing has changed.

What am I missing?

Kind regards.

Hi Dave - the privacy changes arent retrospective unfortunately.

You could ask Zwiftpower team to reset each event, but if they dont have tools to do a bulk reset, I suspect you’ll just have to wait out the 3 months.

Cheers Dean. It’s really weird because a normal tour de watopia ride set to just ‘followers’ in strava is showing my 20 min power in ZP when I’ve been doing cool downs etc. But when I’ve given it the beans in a race, it doesn’t pick it up. It makes no sense does it?

To be honest, ZP is doing some really weird things with some people’s data these days. The whole “live data missing” and “live data vs fit file” has been going on since late last year and some people are predisposed to ZP issues more than others for some reason.

I don’t think ZP is the holy grail of stats that I thought it was. Even the results with that actually show my best 20 min power in the last 90 days aren’t included in the 3 best that determine what cat I should be. I wouldn’t mind if it was consistent, but why it shows for some results and not others, and for some riders and not others is really quite pants.

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For sure, your Strava settings have nothing to do with it, only activity visibility settings within Zwift itself.

The assigned category is just the easiest one you are allowed race in, so the missing data shouldn’t stop you from going up a category. If you can hang in there, you’ll get a better workout and a more interesting race. Signed, supposedly C who hasn’t done a single C race in over a year.

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