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I have a new Elite Direto XR. How can I obtain a promo code to my account for one month free?

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Go to Billing - Promotions

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Why do you think you should get one month free for purchasing this trainer? Was there some sort of offer from where you purchased it?

Many Elite trainers include a month. Suito has it, buying from Halfords in the UK.

Edit: DC Rainmaker review mentions it too.

Same here. When I went in to Elite site to get elite app I thought I can pick zwift later, so I didn’t bother than with zwift. Now I want to pick up the promo code and I can’t reach the site to do it with my Direto XR serial…? Maybe it is only reachable 1st time. I hope I’m wrong…

I finally found codes for zwift… And other codes.
When you use redeem. elite-it. com coupon you receive an email with all you need to subscribe to 1 month zwift… It is not marked as Elite email so I missed it to. It looks like that
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