Zwift power -Power figures on events page do not match those shown in the event

Can anybody tell me why the power figure I see on my profile events page no longer seem to match those showing when I click into the event itself?
e.g I look at the ride I did today on my profile page and I see 20mins power is 2.8 w/kg. I clcik on the event itself and when I find my row I see my 20 mi power is 2.9 w/kg.

I looked at a friends results too, in a similar fashion, and they don’t match either.

Any help on explaining why would be appreciated. (I am recovering from injury and have not done many event recently but I am sure they always used to match.

Probably because in reality it was 2.85W/kg but some programmers and UI developers are rounding up, some down, and some just taking the figure to n places.