Zwift Power nothing appearing


Few weeks back, following some trainer issues, I asked Zwift to reset my Zwiftpower profile to 0.
Since then, it’s clearly broken. My 30 days, year and total stats do not appear anymore.
I have done an event on Saturday, group ride, and nothing appears.

It’s really broken. I have unlinked my account, relinked, no change.
I have deleted and recreated my ZP account, no change. Idk really what to do at this stage except just ride and not bother abt Zwift Power which is supposed to be the n1 tool for any rider…

Back at this. I have retried today. Deleted my account, recreated it.
I get the data is deleted by doing that.

Now I have no friends showing up on ZP?

Bit unsure what the issue is. You’ve asked for your ZP account to be reset, and it has been?

Yeh but since it’s been screwed up. Newest data has never appeared, friends have disappeared, etc

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