Zwift Power data; no update activities since end of February

Hi, I can’t see my results data, for any type of events, since February 28th. Is that a bug, or I need to update something? Using only IOS platform.



The most recent 2 I can see (NZ timezone so date may differ)

Cant see what may be missing as your activities/profile is private. Normally the only reason why events dont appear in Zwiftpower is that Zwiftpower lost connection to Zwift data which is usually, but not always, relating to local network issues.

See attached filed; what I am seeing from Zwift power, and screenshots from my companion app.

Right - those activities that arent “events” as such so wont appear in that Zwiftpower list - that particular list is only for Races and Group Rides scheduled by Zwift.

But where you should find ALL your activities is under Profile / Activities. Only you can see your activities so I cant check whats there. You may have to “Update Activity List” if they arent current.

Ok thank you!

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